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Lotus Kit: Ring + Switch Covers

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Product Details

You'll be notified as soon as production starts. Each kit contains 1 Lotus Ring, Switch Covers, a USB-C charge cable, and a Lotus Ring charging platform.

Key Benefits

Turn on lights, activate fans, and manage the TV with this sleek ring's infrared magic. Lightweight, waterproof, and always on hand, it's your key to independence in any space.

The Lotus ecosystem helps simplify home control. With magnetically attachable switch covers, you can save over 11 hours of work and 70% off typical smart home cost. And a 1-hour recharge lasts 90 days.

Snap on the switch covers anywhere—bedroom, bathroom, kitchen—wherever there's a wall switch. From visits with loved ones to hotel stays, they go with you, making every space feel like home.

Media Mentions

It’s refreshing to see a company that prioritizes those of us so often underserved.

Louryn Strampe
Product Writer and Reviewer

Like having a very specific superpower I wouldn’t mind using in my daily life.

Chris Velazco
Personal Technology Reporter

This finger-borne controller doesn’t monitor or measure; it simply controls.

Jonathan Bell
Transport and Technology Editor

Embodies a marriage of sophisticated technology and thoughtful design.

Alan Merritt
Managing Editor
A list of early investors for Lotus

Early Investors

Sean Henry, Stord, Kleiner Perkins scout
Elizabeth Yin, Hustle Fund
Tracy Chadwell, 1843 Capital
Tristan Walker, Walker & Co., Heirloom Fund
Paige Finn Doherty, Behind Genius Ventures
Mendel Chuang, Acquired Wisdom Fund
Regina Kline, Enable Ventures
Josh & Lisa Muccio, The Pitch Fund
Techstars, Future of Longevity 2023
Pankaj Kedia, Qualcomm, 2468 Ventures
Ranga Jayaraman, IBM + NVIDIA


Joining the waitlist as an early adopter means you will be one of the first to receive the Lotus Kit at a discounted rate. You will also receive the insider scoop as we prepare for launch in Fall 2024!

The answer is no. The ring works via infrared, just like your TV remote. No rewiring or internet connection needed. Privacy is one of our biggest priorities.

Yes! The Lotus Ring is waterproof. You don’t need to worry about taking it off to shower or wash your hands. In fact, we anticipate the one of its most popular uses will be to control things when your hands are full (or dirty).

All Rings work with all Switch Covers, so your family and friends can use theirs in your Lotus space, and vice versa. It's like a telephone - the more people that have it, the more beneficial your own device gets!

The Ring and Switch Covers will only be shipped within the US and Canada (for now).

Wherever home is for you - whether you own, rent, relocate often, or simply love to travel. It is completely portable and requires zero installation.

Be an early adopter
Be an early adopter
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