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The Lotus ring floating with a blurred living room in the background

Meet Lotus

A wearable ring that controls objects at home by pointing.

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How It Works

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Sliding Lotus Ring on index finger.

Put on the Lotus Ring

Replace smart speakers in every room with a single wearable ring. Lightweight and waterproof- it’s your subtle but durable home remote.

Putting a Switch Cover onto a wall switch.

Snap on Lotus Switch Cover

Attach magnetically to any existing wall switch in seconds. Easily adapts with evolving needs and preferences around the home.

Button clicking Lotus Ring, ceiling fan moving and window covering opening.

Point and Click

All Lotus Rings are compatible with all Lotus Switch Covers. And with a range of 30 feet, no switch is out of reach.

Why It's a Game-Changer

Older adult woman smiling down at Lotus Ring on index finger.

Home to smart home in seconds

The Lotus Ring functions like a remote, controlling lights, fans, and the TV with infrared technology. Conveniently worn on your finger, it's lightweight, waterproof, and with you at all times.

White Lotus Switch Cover magnetically attached to a white wall switch

No internet, no apps, no rewiring

Lotus is an intentionally simplified ecosystem for home control. With magnetically attachable Lotus Switch Covers, you can save over 11 hours of work and 70% off typical smart home cost.

Traveler with two suitcases of different sizes looking out a window

Take it anywhere

Bring Lotus with you, wherever life takes you - as an owner, renter, or visitor. It is universal—loved ones can use their Lotus Ring & Switch Covers in your home, and you in theirs.

Who We Are

ex-Apple Founder + Big Tech Engineers + Domain Experts

About Us

What Folks are Saying

Parents would benefit. People with disabilities. The whole population.

Leah R.

When my in-laws come to our house, they can manage the lights and space.

Mohamed K.

You just slip it on, you don't think about it. It's not intrusive, it's not invasive.

A man with medium skin tone is smiling with his hand on his chest to show a Lotus Ring on his index finger.
Marcus W.

Lotus Kit: Ring + Switch Covers

Regular price$299.00 Sale price$349.00

Minimal Charging

Charge Lotus less than five times a year. 90-day battery life and one-hour charge time minimizes interruption.

1-Time Payment

Enjoy Lotus for life with a single payment—no hidden fees, no draining subscriptions.


No internet connection needed. Lotus is completely offline, keeping you and your data secure.

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