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Our Mission

We build technology that is usable by everybody by optimizing for disability first.

Our products operate seamlessly in the background, appearing only when needed. Recognizing that technology is a means, not an end, our true focus is improving human lives. We prioritize universal and inclusive design from the start, creating solutions that empower all users in their living spaces.

Dhaval Patel, an Indian man, smiling while sitting on a stool.

A note from our founder

Lotus’ story starts with me - I was born with twisted knees. And over the years I've been on and off crutches.

One night I got into bed, having left the lights on. But I was too tired to get on my crutches, hobble ten feet, turn off the light, and hobble back to bed. So I slept with the lights on — the entire night.

I didn't sleep well, and woke up thinking - if an Apple engineer like me doesn't have smart home tech in their own home, who does?

So that's our mission now - to build tech usable by everyone, simply by optimizing for disability first.

Our Team

Founded in 2021, Lotus has since grown to be a passionate group of experts in engineering, healthcare, disability, and design. We are a California-based technology company, on a mission to shape the future (and status quo) of consumer hardware.

Our Advisors

Who We Partner With

Lotus benefits everybody, but is optimized for folks experiencing limited mobility, such as older adults, veterans, and persons with disabilities. People are at the center of our innovation, and we are proud to work with partners who share our values and vision. Some of our partners include the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, State of New York - Office of the Aging, and National Council on Independent Living (NCIL).

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