We Won BIG @ SXSW 2024

Following a successful debut at CES in January, we attended our first SXSW in March as a finalist in the Smart Cities & Sustainability category of SXSW Pitch 2024. We pitched. We won. And we kept the giant check!

Image Description: A closeup of a hand with the Lotus Ring on its index finger and a tall building with a SXSW sign in the background.  Dhaval and Juan smiling ear to ear as Juan holds up a giant check for $4000 addressed to Lotus from SXSW Pitch 2024 and Dhaval holds a red SXSW trophy.

Lotus is EVERYWHERE in April

Our Founder, Dhaval Patel, will be heading to San Diego for an Annual Summit with one of our earliest investors, Behind Genius Ventures

Dhaval speaking into a microphone and BGV logo behind him.

Our Head of Growth, Juan Rosales LNHA, will be taking the stage at Georgia Senior Living Association (GSLA) Tech Summit to share how the Lotus Ring can support independence and fall prevention among older adults and senior living community residents.

Image Description: A headshot of Juan beside text "April 12, 2024 Speaker X GSLA Tech Summit 10:15a at Corso Atlanta"

Our Head of Accessibility and Operations, Natalie Shearer MET CPACC, already took the stage at a11yTO Camp in Toronto to deliver her talk "Why Consumer Tech Companies Need a11y Leaders". (a11y = accessibility!)

Image Description: Natalie standing beside a vertical sign that reads #a11yTO Camp. She is smiling while holding her long white cane upright in front of her.

Even our prototypes are on the road. First stop: San Diego. Then, off to Detroit and New York - stay tuned for updates!