Our founder and CEO, Dhaval Patel joined Michael Hughes, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Transformation and Innovation Officer at United Church Homes on the Art of Aging Podcast, recently.

In this episode, Dhaval does a deep dive into the inclusive design approach used to build the Lotus Ring, shares some advice for purpose-driven entrepreneurs, and reflects on how his life perspective has changed as he grows older (and wiser!)

Some episode highlights include:

  • What Lotus is and the technology they are working on (0:49)
  • Dhaval’s story and motivation behind building tech for folks with limited mobility (4:09)
  • How reliability and simplicity can drive innovation (8:00)
  • The importance of human-centered design (10:27)
  • Advice for tech entrepreneurs and inventors (26:15)
  • Three questions on aging for Dhaval (29:25)
  • How to get in touch with Dhaval (37:22)


Tune in and let us know what you think of Dhaval and Michael's converation