Lotus Founder Dhaval was joined this time by Head of Accessibility and Collaborative Engagement, Natalie, on the AT Banter Podcast.

The AT Banter podcast is a platform for members of the Disability community to help educate and inspire better conversation about disability. and assistive technology (AT). Changing the world and perspectives on disability one episode at a time!

Dhaval and Natalie enjoyed a lively discussion with hosts Rob Mineault, Ryan Fleury, Steve Barclay and Lis Malone. Some of the key questions they addressed:

How smart is smart home technology, really?

How long is the battery of the Lotus ring expected to last between charges?

Why infrared technology, instead of good old internet?

And, as always, Dhaval shared some memorable insights and words of wisdom! You can listen to their episode and/or access the transcript on the AT Banter website.