We are thrilled and honoured to share that we are one of the 10 companies accepted into the Techstars Future of Longevity Accelerator Class of 2023! This program, run in partnership with Pivotal Ventures, a Melinda French Gates company, focuses on innovative solutions to address the unmet needs of older adults and the people who care for them.

What is Techstars?

Techstars is a premier global investment and innovation platform that runs accelerator programs all over the world.


And what is an accelerator program?

It is a short-term, intensive program that helps selected startups grow through access to financial, human, and intellectual capital.


The Techstars motto is "Give first". Whether you have given your time, expertise, support (or all of the above) to Lotus, we are so grateful for you. Just by joining our email list, you have helped us get to this point. So, thank you!


Our participation in the Techstars program means that, for the next three months, Lotus will receive funding while having access to a network of impressive founders, investors, and over 3,300 Techstars graduate companies.


Through the development of the Lotus Ring, we have already spent over 100 hours speaking with a wide range of folks, including aging adults and their caregivers. We’ve heard their stories first-hand. And now, through Techstars, we feel even more empowered in our mission to build inclusive technology that supports aging in place.


We’ll keep you updated over the next few months as we continue working hard to build technology that is optimized for disability, and usable by everyone.

Older adults wearing their Lotus Rings with confidence.